Prudential Life Insurance for Smokeless Tobacco - How to Get Non-Smoker Rates

Review of Prudential Life Insurance for Smokeless Tobacco Users

Review of Prudential Life Insurance for Smokeless Tobacco Users

We’re going to answer the question:

Is Prudential the best life insurance company for smokeless tobacco users? 

So stick around and get a quick review of how Prudential views chewing tobacco use and all forms of smokeless tobacco including:

  • Dip
  • Chew
  • Snuff
  • Snus 
  • Tobacco Pouches

As you may know, it’s very important for smokeless tobacco users to apply with the right company. I’ll start by answering the most important question about Prudential:

How Does Prudential View Smokeless Tobacco Use for Life Insurance Purposes?

Prudential is one of the best life insurance companies for chewing tobacco because they view all forms of smokeless tobacco use in a very lenient way. 

How Prudential Views Smokeless Tobacco Use for Life Insurance PurposesIt’s stated in Prudential’s guidelines that tobacco chewers can qualify for a non-smoking rating classification for life insurance. Said another way, Prudential doesn’t count chewing tobacco as a tobacco user for life insurance.  

That’s huge for your life insurance premiums!

Smokeless tobacco users are about to save 50% on life insurance premiums because Prudential views chewing tobacco in a different way than smoking for classification purposes. 

A tobacco rating (classification) is going to be at least two times (2x) more expensive than a non-tobacco classification for the same exact person. 

Check out these rates to see why Prudential is one of the best companies for chewing tobacco:

Compare Term Rates: Prudential Life Insurance for Chewing Tobacco

I’m just going to illustrate below the importance of getting a non-tobacco rate for term life insurance. This hypothetical example for a man who chews tobacco and is looking for the best 20-year term smokeless tobacco life insurance rates. 

I’m going to compare Prudential life insurance for smokeless tobacco users vs. life insurance companies that view chewing tobacco the same as smoking cigarettes.

Take a look at the difference in prices:

Monthly Rates for a 20-Year Term Policy for $250,000


Prudential Non-Tobacco

Preferred Tobacco 













...and just remember, the rates shown for the preferred tobacco classification are the very best in that category (apply with wrong company that really dislikes tobacco use and that rate could be much higher than shown). Also, this assumes the best case scenario of a preferred tobacco rate vs. a much more lenient Prudential non-tobacco classification for your overall health.  

Go ahead and get a free quote to see cheap Prudential term life insurance rates are for tobacco chewers:

Now that you've seen personalized Prudential rates, here's the process we use to make sure you get classified as a non smoker when applying for life insurance:

How To Get Non-Smoker Rates While Using Chewing Tobacco with Prudential 

Now you know that Prudential does view chewing tobacco (and all forms of smokeless tobacco) different than smoking for life insurance rates. 

How about I show you how to qualify for non-tobacco rates with PRU:

  1. Apply with Prudential in the Non-Tobacco Classification: work with a life insurance agent that is knowledgeable (hint: Dipsurance) with Prudential’s underwriting guidelines. You have to know apply in a certain health classification to get non-smoking rates using a specialized process when submitting the application. 
  2. Disclose Smokeless Tobacco Use on Your Application: Do not lie or “forget to include” your chewing tobacco habit. Pru will not give you a non-smoker rate if you leave this off of your application. 
  3. Provide Details on Your Smokeless Tobacco Use: You will need to provide details on the frequency of use (how often) and date that you last chewed tobacco. Again, these details have to be included. 

Using the process outlined above along with the help of our life insurance experts, smokeless tobacco users can qualify for a non-tobacco rate with Prudential! 

You still have to complete the medical exam at your convenience. And speaking of the medical exam, don’t worry about testing positive for nicotine. It’s completely expected. If you’d like more information, we’ve got a popular post that provides more information on the smokeless tobacco life insurance test

From there, the underwriting will review your application, medical exam, MVR (motor vehicle report), prescription check, and possibly require an attending physicians statement (APS) from your doctor. 

The end result: you can qualify for non-tobacco rates with Prudential life insurance as a chewing tobacco or smokeless tobacco user! If you’re healthy and have no major medical concerns, you can be approved in very favorable rate class for low-cost term coverage. 

Go ahead and find out how affordable Prudential term life insurance for smokeless tobacco users can be:

Still need more on Prudential? Here's a summary on the company information:

About Prudential Life Insurance Company

Prudential Life Insurance for Chewing Tobacco UsersPrudential Financial, Inc. (most commonly referred to as “Prudential” or “Pru”) has been in the financial services and insurance business for over 140 years.

It is considered one of the largest financial institutions in the world and has been helping individuals and businesses with their wealth and insurance needs throughout it’s history. 

For more thorough information on the company and it’s history, you can find many Prudential reviews online. If you’d just like a brief overview, here’s some more details about the company:

Types of Life Insurance Offered

  • Term Life (10, 15, 20, 30 year)
  • Universal Life
  • Variable Life
  • Indexed Universal Life

Financial Strength Ratings of Prudential 

A.M Best

Standard & Poor's


Fitch Ratings





As you can see from the ratings above, Prudential (Pruco) has very strong ratings. Basically, this means that the companies financial strength is superior. This is an important consideration when applying for insurance with a company because it indicates their ability to pay claims.

​Final Thoughts: Prudential Life Insurance and Smokeless Tobacco Use

Simply put: if you’re looking to qualify for non-tobacco rates, Prudential Life Insurance is one of the best companies for smokeless tobacco users in 2017. They have no problems approving you at non-smoker rates and you can rest easy knowing that you’re coverage is with a financially strong company!

Go ahead and get started with a free quote:

Seth Waller

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