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Dipsurance helps people who smoke cigars save over 50% on life insurance by providing free quotes from companies that will give you a non-tobacco life insurance rate. 

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How Smoking Cigars Affect Life Insurance Premiums 

The most important thing for you to know:

Cigar smokers can qualify for non-tobacco life insurance rates!

affordable life insurance for cigar smokersHere’s the unfortunate truth: most cigar smokers are paying the same expensive tobacco rates for life insurance as cigarette smokers.

They are overpaying for coverage because they’ve been misinformed and told that cigar smoking can only qualify for tobacco rates. They have no idea they could have got a non-smoker rate and saved money!

Life Insurance and Cigars Fact: Apply with the wrong company as a cigar smoker and you’ll receive a tobacco rates. This means you’re stuck paying at least 2x more each year in premiums than they would have for the same term policy with a non-tobacco rate.

How to get affordable cigar smoking life insurance:

The key to getting inexpensive life insurance is apply with a cigar smoking friendly life insurance company. 

This  means that they view cigar smoking  much more favorably than cigarette smoking. As long as you admit to your cigar use on the life insurance application and have not smoked a cigarette in at least 1 year, you can qualify for a non-tobacco life insurance rate when buying a policy online.

As a cigar smoker, you’ll save at least 50% each years with a non-tobacco rate vs. a tobacco rate. 

At Dipsurance, our job is to help you get non-tobacco life insurance rates and make the process easy! We’re experts in cigar smoker life insurance and understand each companies underwriting guidelines for cigar use.

We help you get the lowest cost rates on the market by matching your health and cigar use with the life insurance company that will view your overall profile the most favorable. You can start comparing free quotes below that will show you the best non-tobacco rates from top-rated insurance companies:

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How To Get Non-Tobacco Life Insurance Rates as a Cigar Smoker in 2017

Here's how a cigar smoker can qualify for the non-tobacco classification for life insurance purposes in 2017:

  • Step 1: Apply with a Cigar Friendly Life Insurance Company

If you’ve skimmed to this point:

Learn how to get non tobacco rates as a cigar smokerThe most important thing to do is work with an independent life insurance agent that understands underwriting guidelines for cigars and life insurance.

You have to apply with a company that has no problem offering you non-tobacco term life insurance rates as a cigar smoker. 

The next step when you work with Dipsurance is to determine what type of cigar smoker each company is going to classify you for term coverage purposes in 2017. 

Here’s more info on how companies view your cigar use:

  • Step 2: Determine How Each Company Will View Your Cigar Use for Life Insurance Purposes

This step is very important:

Each cigar friendly company views your cigar use differently. They have guidelines that determine whether you are an occasional cigar smoker (often referred to as smoking celebratory cigars for life insurance purposes) or if you smoke cigars regularly.

Here’s a chart we use to help you make that determination:

Regular Cigar Smoker

Occasional Cigar Smoker

Frequency of Use

More than 2 Cigars Per Month

2 or Less Cigars Per Month

Positive for Nicotine



Best Rate Possible 

Non-Smoker Plus

Preferred Plus or Elite Non-Tobacco

Just remember these are general guidelines and there are a few caveats with some companies to this chart. But, this provides you with a good idea on how cigar smokers will be classified for life insurance purposes in 2017. 

From here, we start looking at your unique health situation to determine which of these cigar-friendly insurers is going to look at you the most favorable from a underwriting standpoint. We will look at things like height, weight, medications, medical and family history, among other things. 

Another important factor to consider is cigarette use.  Find out more in step 3:

  • Step 3: You Have Not Smoked Cigarettes in Last 365 Days

Just remember: cigar smoking is not consider cigarette smoking for life insurance purposes in 2017 with some companies! But, it is important that you do not smoke cigarettes.

To qualify for non-tobacco rates as cigar smoker it’s important that you have not smoked cigarettes in the last year. Each company will ask specifically about cigarettes use in the last 365 days. If you’ve smoked a cigarette during this time period, you will not be offered non-tobacco rates. 

(Important Note on Occasional Cigarette Use: We do work with one life insurance company that will consider you a non-tobacco user even if you smoke an occasional cigarette with your cigar use. Please be upfront and let us know before you apply for coverage.)

Finally, the last step in our 4-step process is to disclose details about your cigar smoking on the application. Here’s more information on that:

  • Step 4: Disclose Cigar Use and Provide Details on Life Insurance Application 

The last step is to admit to cigar use on your term life insurance application. It’s important because you may test positive for nicotine of on paramedical exam and the insurance company needs to know why. If forget to disclose cigar use or lie, you will only qualify for a tobacco rate.

These companies make no exceptions once you’re caught in a lie!

On most applications (each company’s app will vary slightly), you will also be asked details about the frequency of your cigar useand provided the date that you last smoked a cigar. Again, just honestly answer the questions that are asked on the application! 

Can you meet those requirements?

inexpensive preferred term life insurance rates for cigar smokerIf so, you can qualify for affordable Non-Tobacco rates as a cigar smoker with companies that we work with! This is the best option for anyone who smokes an occasional celebratory cigar or smokes cigars everyday!

You will be required to submit an application and complete a medical exam at your convenience before an official approval at this low-cost rate.

As part of the application process, the underwriter will then review your application, exam, motor vehicle report, prescriptions, and sometimes attending physicians statements (APS) from your medical records.

If you’re healthy and have no major medical conditions, it’s possible to be approved at Preferred Plus Non-Tobacco classification as a cigar smoker!​

It’s the lowest rates available…go ahead and find out how affordable these rates can be:​

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