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Dipsurance helps hookah smokers save over 50% on life insurance by providing free quotes from life insurance companies that will you a non-tobacco rate. 

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How Smoking a Hookah Pipe Affects Life Insurance Rates

Here’s what you need to know about hookah and life insurance:

Hookah smoking only affects the cost of life insurance if you apply with the wrong company! 

How smoking a hookah pipe affects life insurance costs and premiumsWe work with top life insurance companies that will give hookah smokers a non-tobacco life insurance rate. A non-tobacco rate is about 50% less than the same person would pay as a tobacco user. 

Unfortunately, most hookah users are paying tobacco rates. We speak with many of these people and they have no idea that there is such a thing as hookah-friendly life insurance companies.

They’ve been misinformed by other agents that told them that smoking hookah makes them only eligible for tobacco rates.  That’s simply not true!

Life Insurance and Hookah Facts: Apply with the wrong life insurance company as hookah smoker and you will get a tobacco rate! This will increase the cost of your premiums each year by roughly 2x more than a non-tobacco (non-cigarette user) rate. 

Just know that there a few life insurance companies that view hookah use much more favorably than cigarette smoking. This means that if you use hookah or other tobacco smoking styles such as:

  • Hookah
  • Shisha
  • Narghile
  • Goza
  • Hubble-Bubble
  • Other Types of Water Pipes

[Important] You can qualify for a non-tobacco life insurance classification as a user of these tobacco pipes. 

Here at Dipsurance, we are experts that specialize in hookah life insurance. We’re knowledgeable with the underwriting guidelines of all the hookah-friendly life insurance companies and can help you secure affordable non-tobacco rates. 

We’ll help you save $100s (sometimes even $1000s) on the annual cost of life insurance by matching your health, lifestyle and hookah use with the company that will view your situation most favorably!

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How to Qualify for Affordable Non-Tobacco Life Insurance as a Hookah Smoker

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Here's a summary of the 4-step process that a hookah smoker needs to use to qualify for a non-tobacco classification for life insurance purposes in 2017.

  • Step 1: Apply with a Hookah (tobacco pipe smoking) Friendly Life Insurance Company

You have to get the very first step right, or you’re just going to go through the the application process and to find out that you applied with the wrong company! 

how to get non-tobacco life insurance rates as hookah userThe most important thing you can do is work with an independent life insurance agent that specializes in helping hookah smokers qualify for a non-tobacco rate.

Your agent needs to understand each companies underwriting guidelines on hookah tobacco use. 

If you decide to use the services of Dipsurance, our agents will help you apply with a company that has no problem offering you a non-tobacco term life insurance rate as a hookah smoker. This means you don’t have to lie about hookah use on the application!

The next step pertains to cigarette use, find out more here:

  • Step 2: Not Smoked Cigarettes in Full Year - At Least 365 Days Since Last Cigarette Use 

The hookah-friendly life insurance companies we work with have no problem with your hookah use. This means that the underwriting guidelines (basically a handbook that underwriters go by when providing someone with rates) state that hookah use is viewed as healthier than cigarettes and allowed in the non-tobacco classification. 

Furthermore, the underwriting guidelines state that the hookah applicant is only eligible for the non-tobacco class as long as they have not smoked a cigarette in the last 365 days. 

Each of the hookah friendly companies will ask that question during your application interview. If you’ve smoked in that 365 day window, they will not be able to offer you a non-tobacco rate. 

  • Step 3: Disclose Hookah Smoking and Details of Use on Life Insurance Application

The final step of this process is to admit to smoking hookah on the life insurance application. 

Don’t lie about your use or forget to disclose when competing your application. 

There will be specific questions you will asked about tobacco use. While the exact questions differ slightly for each company, just know that you will need to let the life insurance company know about smoking hookah when they ask if you use any types of tobacco.

Once you answer “yes”, there will be additional questions about frequency of use and date of last use. 

The reason you are asked about tobacco use is because the you will be tested for nicotine from hookah on the medical exam. They need to know why you are going to test positive for nicotine. They have no problems with a positive nicotine test, but do need to know why!

Just remember to be truthful and you will qualify for non-tobacco rates! 

If you meet these conditions, we work with multiple top rated life insurance companies that will let you qualify for the non-tobacco category as a hookah smoker! 

This category offers the lowest cost life insurance for anyone that uses any type of tobacco pipes. Go ahead and see how affordable these rates can be:

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