The Chewing Tobacco Life Insurance Blood Test [ Chewer Guide & Tips ]

The Chewing Tobacco Life Insurance Blood Test Explained

The chewing tobacco life insurance blood test is explained in this post

Questions about the chewing tobacco life insurance blood test?

You’re in the right place! We’re asked a lot of questions about the chewing tobacco life insurance nicotine test. Use this short article as a guide for answers on all types of questions about smokeless tobacco life insurance testing. Typically we find that most questions will start off with something about smokeless tobacco testing for life insurance:

Does life insurance test for nicotine from chewing tobacco?

On your life insurance application you will be asked point blank if you have used smokeless tobacco products in the last 12-months. This means that you’ll have to answer “yes” if you have used:

  • Dip
  • Chew
  • Snus
  • Snuff
  • Tobacco Pouches or Plugs

And yes…all the insurance companies know that it’s easy to lie and check “no” on your application. For that reason, we wrote this article so you would understand the chewing tobacco testing for life insurance required by companies before approving a policy.

Just want cliff notes on this article? Here's a summary: Smokeless tobacco users and cigar smokers do not have to worry about the nicotine test for life insurance. Dipsurance works with 3 life insurance companies that will classify smokeless tobacco use and cigar smoking as non-tobacco use.  This means you can test positive on the nicotine test and still get non-tobacco rates!

You can view quotes from the companies that will give smokeless tobacco users a non-tobacco rate using our free quoter:

If you would like full information on the nicotine test, continue reading our article below:

Chewing Tobacco Life Insurance Blood Test

Many dippers and chewers try to hid and do not disclose their tobacco use when applying for a policy. We do not recommend this! Most companies require a chewing tobacco life insurance blood test and physical exam before you are approved for coverage. During the life insurance exam for chewing tobacco, you will perform tests to determine if nicotine is present in your system.

There are two tests used to detect nicotine your body:

  1. Blood Test
  2. Urine Sample

Let’s take a look at the smokeless tobacco life insurance blood test first:

The Life Insurance Blood Test: How Long Does Nicotine Stay in Your System

The smokeless tobacco life insurance test and nicotine testing on examWith the life insurance physical for chewing tobacco a paramedical examiner will draw blood during the visit to your house or work. It’s only a small sample of blood that is required for the life insurance application, but for many this nicotine blood test is the subject of anxiety and fear! It’s common for the paramed to draw two small vials of blood from your arm.

This life insurance blood test is for nicotine and cotinine detection. Continine is an active part of nicotine that slowly clears though the body after smokeless tobacco use. This nicotine drug test is used for detection of the presence of cotinine. 

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all timeline for how long nicotine stays in your system. According to doctors, for most men who chew tobacco daily it takes up to 7 days for nicotine (cotinine) to leave your blood stream. If you only use dip or chew a few times a month “weekend dipper” then nicotine will probably be out of your system in around 5 days.

Like most drug tests, these blood samples are pretty accurate and usually administered as a “pass vs. fail” qualitative test determining if a tobacco chewer has nicotine in his blood. Besides blood testing, the more preferred nicotine drug test administered by life insurance companies is the urine test.

Here’s more on the chewing tobacco life insurance urine test:

Does Nicotine from Chewing Tobacco Show Up on the Urine Test

Urine testing for nicotine is a simple and easy test. The paramedical examiner collects a fresh sample of your urine and it will be sent off for an analysis that detects the presence of cotinine. A positive test in the eyes of the life insurancy companies  is 200 ng/ml of cotinine present in your urine.

(Quick summary: Continine Levels above 200 ng/ml=Positive for Nicotine and Recently Used Smokeless Tobacco Products)

does chewing tobacco show up on urine testIf you absolutely need to know if chewing tobacco is going to show up on your urine test, there are some very affordable OTC (over the counter) nicotine test packs you can buy on Amazon or at your local drugstore.  

You simply use dip your urine sample on a test strip for a few minutes and then you will get a “positive” or “negative” reading for cotinine. These tests are FDA approved.

This leads us to the next question dippers and chewers ask about the smokeless tobacco nicotine blood test question: How can I pass nicotine blood test on my chewing tobacco life insurance drug test?

How to Pass a Nicotine Blood Test

Searching for ways to pass the nicotine test for life insurance?

There’s quite a few chewers out there that think drinking lots of water will flush their system of nicotine/cotinine. There’s no medical evidence showing that excessive hydration or sweating will rid your system of the nicotine. That doesn’t stop the internet from providing all type of articles on how to get nicotine out of your system faster by doing things such as:

  • Vitamin C
  • Drinking Water
  • Exercise

Yes, you may “cheat the system” and pass the test using the tips above.

But, here’s the more important question: What if you lie about chewing tobacco use on the life insurance application?

Here’s why you should never do that:

Lying about smokeless tobacco use on your application is insurance fraud. Not only is it fraud, but if you were to unexpectedly pass away during first 2-years that your policy is in-force and your lie is discovered…the company can deny paying out your death benefit to loved ones! That defeats the purpose of buying a life insurance policy!!

Do this instead of lying: get affordable rates by applying with a chewing tobacco friendly company that does not care if you test positive for nicotine.  This  means these companies will classify smokeless tobacco users and cigar smokers as non-tobacco users (even if you test positive for nicotine)!

Here’s how you can get non-tobacco rates:

Smokeless Tobacco Life Insurance Test: How To Get Non-Tobacco Rates

Here’s the easiest way to get affordable chewing tobacco life insurance rates:

Step 1: Apply with a Life Insurance company who will offer tobacco chewers and dippers non-tobacco rates

Step 2: Enjoy your cheap term life insurance policy!

It’s really that easy!

The only reason that was created was to help people get affordable chewing tobacco life insurance. Just remember: it’s possible to get non-tobacco life insurance rates as a chewer or dipper! We work with with top chewing tobacco life insurance companies that will let smokeless tobacco users qualify for non-smoker premiums.

Our best advice: be honest about your chewing tobacco use and apply with the right company!

Go ahead and find out for yourself how cheap term chewing tobacco life insurance rates can be:

Seth Waller

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